The Awestomy! Grand Opening & Some Thank You’s

We just wanted to take a quick moment to thank all of you for a successful “Grand Opening” weekend at Awestomy! If you haven’t yet taken advantage of our opening coupon “OPENFIVE”, use it to save an extra $5 until 9/16/2012.

Just as “No man is an island” we wanted to take some time out to thank some of you who helped get us up and running.

Thanks go out first and foremost to those in the medical field that have believed in us and gave us great advice and contacts. Dr. Ateet Shah (my surgeon), Sue Wolffe (my nurse practitioner), and our group of WOCN nurses (Keri, Heddy, and Jana). We’d like to thank the many ostomy online support groups who helped get our name out there (you know who you are). We’d like to thank Bagnoche Sports and HMC Screen Printing for our t-shirt printing services.

Most especially we’d like to thank Catherine Fritsch of Mercurious Designs who has helped our product designs come to life as well as Natalya Kitic of Studio NTK who is our production partner. We couldn’t do it without you.

But we’re not even close to coasting, no sir. We’ve got a lot of new clothing lines, products, and announcements that will be soon to come. I hope you come along for the ride.

Again, thanks,
Jason McIntosh & Jessica Demaree

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Computer nerd, lover of all random humor. Colostomy surgery in March of 2012. Exuding swagger and spreading awestomy awareness. King of ostomy underwear with pockets and ostomy wraps with pockets.
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