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New Lower Shipping Costs at the Awestomy Store

As a continued effort to bring quality ostomy undergarments to you at great prices, we announce new lower shipping rates to our US customers. Any order in the contiguous US will now only cost $5 for shipping. Awestomy orders over $50 will be shipped for FREE!

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You Have The #right2remainsexy

Our #right2remainsexy ostomy photo awareness contest has given us pause to what a beautiful thing an ostomy can be. Take a look at this post explaining why we did the contest and the beautiful outcome.

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Ostomy Strength In Numbers

“If we knew each other’s secrets, what comfort we would find.” ― John Churton Collins This past weekend we had our first ever Awestomy apparel photoshoot. To be honest, this whole event emerged so quickly that we weren’t really sure what we were getting into. But I guess that could be said for everything in our […]

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Golden Nuggets with Charlie O’Stomy

How do we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day here at Awestomy? Well, creating an ostomy cartoon leprechaun, that’s how. Check out our “Golden Nuggets” from Charlie O’Stomy series. We’re sure you’ll love it!

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A Colostomy By Any Other Name

We use twitter to see what people are talking about in the ostomy community. When I search for colostomy it is a whole other ballgame.

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Show Us Your Bag Swag!

This week we hosted our 1st ever ‘Show Us Your Bag Swag’ contest. We wanted to give our crafty ostomates a chance to show off their creativity, have some fun with their ostomy bags and, of course, spread some ostomy pride! The contest runs from February 26th through Wednesday, March 6th 8pm EST. All contestants must […]

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Announcing our March G.A.S. Partner, Intense Intestines Foundation

Today we announce our newest Give A Sh*t non-profit partner, Intense Intestines Foundation. I’m especially fond of this website because it was one of the first websites I got involved with after my colostomy surgery. Fifteen percent of your purchases this month will go to aid the mission and events of the Intense Intestines Foundation located in Stamford, Ct.

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Why Staying Local is Important to Business

When we first started Awestomy, ostomy apparel, we really weren’t quite sure where to start. Neither of us knew how to sew let alone make patterns that could support ostomates needs. We scoured the internet and tried to use our networking resources to find a designer to help our ideas come to life. However, it became very […]

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An Ostomy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day has become an important part of our American culture. Although we here at Awestomy feel that love should be expressed all year long, we did want to take a little time on Valentine’s day to have a little fun. Let’s take you back to your grade school days when everyone had there little valentine envelopes hanging up in the classroom, and you bought those cardboard valentines to share with your friends and secret admirers.

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Fashionably Late To Advocate

Once I received my ostomy, I knew I wanted to advocate for this cause. What do you advocate for? How can you advocate if you don’t have money? This short blog post will help you find the way to help others on their way.

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