Some Buddy to Love – Support Shadow Buddies our December G.A.S. Partner

“Christmas, my child, is love in action. Every time we love, every time we give, it’s Christmas.”
-Dale Evans

It’s finally here! December, the season for giving and reflecting on all the gifts we have received over the past year. That is why this December, through our Give A Sh*t program, we wanted to find a charity that was focused on children and making their holiday a little brighter. We are partnering with Shadow Buddies this month and 15% of your purchase will be going towards helping children with ostomies find a friend just like them.

Shadow Buddies Foundation

History of Shadow Buddies

Inspired by her son who wanted a friend “just like me”; Marty Postlethwait founded the Shadow Buddies Foundation in September of 1995. Miles, her son, was born with multiple congenital birth defects that had him in and out of the hospital since he was born. During one of his many hospital stays, Miles told his mom and dad that he wanted a “buddy” that had defects similar to his that could help ease his feelings of loneliness and fear. So Marty took action and with the help of Miles, developed the first Shadow Buddy. Shadow Buddies are condition specific muslin dolls that provide both educational and emotional support to thousands of chronically ill patients and their families. They chose to call them Shadow Buddies because just like your shadow, these buddies will always be by your side. And what started with 4 Shadow Buddies has now grown to include 25 condition specific buddies that bring smiles to children in all 50 states and 16 countries. Each buddy is dressed, packaged and shipped (with love!) from the foundation offices located in Lenexa, Kansas.

Ostomy Shadow Buddy

Ostomy Shadow Buddy

 Their Mission

The mission of the Shadow Buddies Foundationis to provide emotional support through education regarding illness, disability, or medical treatments. The foundation accomplishes this mainly through unique programs designed to enhance the lives of children and adults and increase compassion and understanding of differences. In pursuit of that mission, the foundation will continually raise funds, develop new programs, and build relationships between organizations with complimentary goals.

Shadow Buddies are condition-specific dolls designed to be a friend “just like me” for seriously ill or medically challenged children. The Buddies not only provide comfort to the ill child, but also provide physicians a hands-on method of educating newly diagnosed children and their families about a particular disease or medical condition and its treatment.

Shadow Buddies are also a unique form of play therapy. The Buddies remain with the child throughout their treatment, providing long-term psychological support. Each Buddy wears a smile on its face and has heart eyes for love. Their goal is to help these children view themselves in a positive manner.


How You Can Help

  • 15% of Awestomy purchases this month will be donated
  • You can also send donations directly to:

SBF WishList

Shadow Buddies Foundation
14700 West 107th Street, Suite 100
Lenexa, Kansas, USA 66215.


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  1. Grace Evertt April 20, 2018 at 9:16 am #

    I’ve had my ostomy for 7 years now but just last year joined a wonderful support group in my town. I’ve learned so much there & I’m so grateful that I found them! To get to my point here, I was encouraged by many members of my group to watch some of the wonderful videos on U-tube , which I did & still do on ostomies & that led me to you!! I am extremely interested in your Women’s briefs. I have a very high stoma & I love, love, love the extra protection the pouch would give me! Here is my problem Jessica, your sizes go to 3X but that size in Women’s only accommodates a waist up to 40” & unfortunately I have a waist measurement of 44”. I have several chronic medical illnesses that require that I take many medications, one being Prednisone. My weight goes up & down according to the meds I’m required to take at different times due to how my illnesses are doing & what condition I’m in. Unfortunately, right now my weight is up there & I would need to order men’s items which I REALLY do not want to do, I hope you can understand that. Is there any possible way your company could make a size one up to a 4X?? I can’t be the only woman in this situation. At least I wouldn’t think I am? Please, please Jessica consider this, I’m begging you & your co-owner!!! I really do love your products! I believe they help a woman feel like a woman again!! Thank You so much for reading my letter. Also, thanks for even giving my request a thought. Grace Evertt p.s. if you do not make a larger size, I WILL be back when some of this weight drops off me once again!

  2. klearskya38 February 14, 2019 at 2:46 am #

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    Thank you, I value it!

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