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We are committed to discovering the cause and cure of DIGITS and providing individuals with DIGITS and their families with knowledge, support, and care.


To facilitate and conduct research to determine the cause, alternative treatment measures, and the cure of DIGITS
To continue to identify methods and strategies to improve the lives of individuals with DIGITS
To establish a community of individuals with DIGITS to share their stories, listen, and grow from one another
To increase support and awareness for individuals with DIGITS in both the medical and public community
To engage and promote fundraising events in the communities of individuals with DIGITS


Our team is committed to improving and supporting the lives of people with DIGITS and their families.

DIGITS Support Members

What is DIGITS?

DIGITS is an acronym for a motility disorder named DIFFUSE IRRITABLE GASTRO INTESTINAL TRACT SYNDROME.

Motility disorders of the intestines (bowel) are diseases in which the intestinal muscle or nerves controlling the intestinal muscle do not work properly. The contents of the intestine (food or stool) cannot be moved along the intestinal channel, so the bowel is effectively blocked even though there is
no physical kink or twist.

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) which affects at least 2 million Canadians, and causes abdominal cramps and alternately constipation and diarrhea, is very likely a form of motility disorder. We believe that diffuse irritable gastrointestinal tract syndrome (DIGITS) may be an advanced form of irritable bowel syndrome that can affect the bowel much more intensely and at several different locations in the body. Therefore, DIGITS also affects the normal “squeeze and push” of the intestine but in DIGITS, the “squeeze and push” may be over-working. In our experience at London Health Sciences Centre, by observing a group of patients who have these signs and symptoms which are below, we believe that the condition of DIGITS is actually a real disease, and is not “imaginary” or “in your head”.

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