My Ostomy is My Good Luck Charm!

Ostomy as a good luck charmIt really feels like my ostomy is my good luck charm. Ever since I got it back in May of 2012, it has really brought about some great times. For example, about two months after my surgery, my Boy Scout troop and I went on camping trip down in Bloomington, Indiana. Bloomington’s main campgrounds, called camp Ransburg, are a very rough camp; it involves a lot of tough hiking and very few modern comforts. While there, I was now able to do the large physical activities; but, I had no idea that my ostomy would allow me to survive the lack of toilets. This camp, due to the lack of modern comforts, had hardly any toilets. They basically had holes in the ground with a toilet seat held above it.  And no one could sit down due to the insects and dirt all around it. But, DA-DA-DAAAAA, my ostomy saved the day. I could empty my bag standing up and leaning slightly, not risking my bare skin touching this unsanitary toilet seat. This was news to me, a rookie colostomy owner. Pretty darn good news. I think everyone in my troop was pretty jealous of my ostomy after that!

Not only did it help camp move smoothly, but after I got it, I was accepted into the Make-A-Wish foundation. I am getting my wish on the 13th of November. I will post another blog regarding my trips details, where I am going and what I did, next month after the trip.

Make A Wish Foundation

Since I have only had my colostomy for about six months now, I am still pretty new to all this good luck. So if you have an interesting story regarding how your colostomy or ileostomy is a good luck charm, comment below about it.


-Luke Bag Man Gelfius 

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