Looking Good & Feeling Good With Ostomy Apparel

Every year around half a million of people in North America undergo a procedure called an ostomy. Ostomies include surgeries such as colostomies, ileostomies and urostomies.  It’s a grueling surgery that basically reroutes the patient’s digestive system, such that bodily wastes exit through the surgically created opening and into a pouch. When a patient wakes up from this kind of major surgery, they’re not necessarily worrying about how they look!  But one of the first steps to getting better physically is feeling better mentally.

How we perceive ourselves and how we feel others perceive us can be a well of great anxiety or a source of great confidence.  When we look good, we feel good.  For ostomy patients, looking good can appear challenging.  How do you make the latest styles and fashions look good when you have a medical pouch attached to you?  How do you return to work and maintain a professional appearance?

Many people find that it is beneficial to use specially designed ostomy clothing which addresses the common issues faced by patients.  For example, one major concern is the security of the ostomy pouch.  Undergarments designed for ostomy patients can help hold the ostomy pouch in place, preventing uncomfortable and potentially embarrassing slippage and swinging.  It allows the user to participate in their full range of pre-surgery activities, including sports and intimacy.  Another concern that ostomy patients face is the ease and comfort of wearing an ostomy pouch.  Ostomy undergarments can make the appliance more comfortable to wear by being adjustable and by creating a less noticeable profile underneath clothing.  This lets patients wear the clothes that they love with more confidence and ease.

Looking good and feeling good can be hard enough for the average person.  For ostomy patients, it can seem even harder.  Ostomy clothing can help bridge that valley and enable patients to comfortably return to their lives, both in activity and appearance.

This is our #1 goal here at Awestomy! We want out products our products to make you feel like you again. Keep an eye out for our ostomy apparel line launching Sept. 1st. Believe me, WE can’t wait either.

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