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The Great Bowel Movement was a group that I admired when I first started advocating about IBD and ostomies. That’s why I’m thrilled to announce that in the month of July they are our newest Give A Sh*t partner.

tgbm1TGBM (The Great Bowel Movement) is not just another IBD charity, and they are very specific in what they do.  They aim to help individuals affected by IBD to start conversations and talk about IBD, and this includes overcoming social stigmas, increasing confidence, patient empowerment, etc. They want everyone to realize who suffers that a complicated and sometimes embarrassing disease doesn’t have to be hidden, it’s a whole experience where positive aspects can be found.

Co-founders Andrea & Megan started TGBM by challenging each other to create apparel that started a conversation.  Before they knew it they had quite an array of t-shirts to promote awareness of all affected by IBD & ostomies. You might have even seen a recent article about the co-founders in a recent issues of Crohn’s Advocate magazine.

ibd awareness

According to The Great Bowel Movement’s mission, IBD is not big corporations, foundations, or pharmaceutical companies; It is me and you and all of us that live day-to-day with IBD and related conditions.  By becoming our own personal spokespeople for our diseases, we can increase IBD awareness throughout the communities in which we live and work, and therefore, the world.  We do this by providing tools to spread awareness, encouragement to become more open and accepting of your own disease, and a community to support each other.

Awestomy is very excited to partner with this wonderful non-profit. Remember that 15% of sales through the Awestomy store this month will go to TGBM to assist them in their awareness efforts.

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