Golden Nuggets with Charlie O’Stomy

We’re are in the St. Paddy’s day spirit here at Awestomy. It’s no secret that we like to have a little bit of fun around here, so this year the brain trust thought up an idea to create a series with a leprechaun who has an ostomy. What would we name him? Well, Charlie O’Stomy of course.

Here is Charlie in multiple scenes. This would not have happened without the help from talented illustrator Steven Ray Brown.

Golden Nuggets From Charlie O’Stomy

Cartoon leprechaun with an ostomy, Charlie O'Stomy

 This was our teaser image that we posted on our Awestomy Facebook page.

When filled with gas, no need to put, find a quiet place & air it out.

Charlie O'Stomy cartoon, ostomy gas problems

 It’s probably safe to say that patients with a colostomy or ileostomy have probably faced this issue before. You are gassy at times and have a need to air out your pouch. Charlie O’Stomy understands.

When a pouch change is afoot, throw some mallows down to slow output.

Charlie O'Stomy - ostomy cartoon slow output with marshmallows

I was told early on as someone with an ostomy that eating marshmallows before a pouch change helps to slow down your output. Marshmallows have a thickening agent that helps to thicken up output and slows it down from exiting. As for Charlie O’Stomy, they’re his Lucky Charms.

Even with an ostomy, I still feel, that I woo the ladies with sex appeal

Ostomy cartoon - Charlie O'stomy sex appeal

I know that an ostomy is a very hard thing to go through, and I would bet that for a lot of us it’s even more difficult mentally. What I would hope to offer up to you is that it is a process but as you heal, life does get back to normal. Whether you’re married or single, there will come a time when you get your mojo back, whatever that may be.

Some call me grand, some call me super, but I AM the ultimate party pooper.


Oh Charlie, you just can’t help but smile as he gets his groove on. 🙂


Happy St. Patrick’s Day to one and all. We hope you enjoyed the Charlie O’Stomy series and hope that he’ll return again next year. Until next time, stay Awestomy.

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About Jason

Computer nerd, lover of all random humor. Colostomy surgery in March of 2012. Exuding swagger and spreading awestomy awareness. King of ostomy underwear with pockets and ostomy wraps with pockets.

9 Responses to “Golden Nuggets with Charlie O’Stomy”

  1. Brandon September 10, 2018 at 4:14 am #

    I really love these. Are there going to be more made? I am new to the Ileostomy crowd and I am a percentage Irish.

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