Our newest G.A.S. Partner – Friends of Ostomates Worldwide

When we first started Awestomy, we had originally wanted our ‘Give A Sh*t’ program to be very similar to what the Friends of Ostomates Worldwide have already mastered. In order to show our support for their mission, we are looking forward to partnering with them this month and donating 15% of all of our sales from the month of October.

Their Mission:

Through Project SHARE (Sending Help and Rehabilitation Everywhere) FOW-USA collects new, surplus ostomy supplies from generous individuals and organizations in the United States and ships them to developing countries where ostomates do not have access to these vital supplies. The donated products are sent to the FOW-USA warehouse space in the Louisville, KY, area at the donor’s own expense. A team of volunteers gathers regularly at the warehouse to unpack the supplies, organize them, match the donations with needs, and repack them for shipment overseas. A volunteer communicates with organizations in the receiving country, such as hospitals, clinics, and ostomy associations, to identify product needs and ensure that the supplies will be distributed free of charge to needy ostomates. From its founding in 1986 through July 2010, FOW-USA has shipped over 250,000 pounds of ostomy supplies to 65 countries worldwide. The value of these supplies is estimated at approximately $12,000,000.

FOW Warehouse

 How You Can Help:

FOW-USA collects ostomy-related supplies from generous individuals, associations, groups, and companies.

They accept new, clean, unused pouches, flanges, skin barriers, skin wipes, paste, tape, belts, pouch covers, scissors, and pediatric products. They prefer items in the original boxes when possible. Please contact them if you have other products to donate. If you would like to donate ostomy supplies, please send them to:

4018 Bishop Lane
Louisville, KY 40218

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  1. Brandee Neves July 20, 2018 at 11:14 pm #

    Looking to donate my late fathers urostomy supplies, my Mother has a tome of bags and foley cath bags. I am not sure what else. It will cost her a fortune to ship them, Do you know of any organization in California who will take them? Or is there a way to get assistance for her to ship?

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