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Charity Sundy

The lovely ladies over at The Great Bowel Movement started Charity Sunday last year in response to Black Friday (now, sadly Black Thursday Night…) and Cyber Monday. Since it is the season of giving, they thought that it would be great to have a specific day during the holidays that would highlight and encourage donations to your favorite charities. Many charities do such great work all year long but there’s something about the holidays that makes us really appreciate not only those we love but those organizations that have made our lives just a little bit or a whole lot better.

We, at Awestomy, think this is a great idea!  But with so many amazing charities out there how do you know which one’s to donate to and if you don’t have extra money what else can you do? We will break down the Who’s, How’s and Why’s to make it a little easier on you!


Well, don’t fret, here is a short list of our favorite charities! Many of which are past, present and future ‘Give A Sh*t’ partners!  So if you are looking for a fun way to donate and get a little something for you, we give 15% of every sale to our G.A.S. partner each month!

Monetary Donations or Purchases That Go Toward Something Great!

Extra Ostomy Supplies


To Donate Ostomy Supplies:

  1. Gather your new, clean ostomy supplies. Leave the products in their original packaging, if possible
  2. Package your supplies and take them to the post office. Put your name and address on the return label and on a note inside the box
  3. Ship your supplies
  4. You will receive a “thank you” letter in the mail and you may be able to use your donation as a tax deduction because Friends of Ostomates Worldwide is a registered 501(c)(3) organization.
slap-chopOur Top 5 Reasons to Give Donations Instead of Presents





  1. Makes you look awesome, considerate and Mother-Theresa-like
  2. You don’t need to wrap it!
  3. Save trees by not wrapping! Double bonus!!
  4. You know it will go to good use as opposed to that Slap Chop you still haven’t used from your Aunt Sandy
  5. You are spreading awareness for what you are passionate about

When: November 25th, 2012! Think of it as November’s Christmas to Charity Day! Or…. Just Charity Sunday! Whatever is easier 🙂

So after you have digested your turkey dinner, have recovered from shoppping till you drop and eaten your first helping of thanksgiving leftovers on Saturday, now you can look forward to Charity Sunday!


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