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Make a Wish – The Belize Trip

My colostomy sure is unbelievable. Shortly after I got it, I went on a vacation that was unBELIZEable! Yes, I did get a wish by the Make a Wish foundation to Belize, and let me tell you it was awesome!

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Sex, Love and Life With An Ostomy Boy

Due to colostomy surgery, she was unsure how her relationship with her boyfriend would change. Read this story about a girl and her ostomy boy, their love and how a colostomy hasn’t changed their sex life.

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Keeping One Foot In Front Of The Other

There’s not much that should stop you from exercising with your ostomy. I tell the story of running a Thanksgiving 10K and how it parallels to life with a colostomy.

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My Ostomy is My Good Luck Charm!

Since I have only had my colostomy for about six months now, I am still pretty new to all this good luck. Any intersting ostomy stories?

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Oh Poop…I hate running!

Even though my boyfriend has recently started running again with his ostomy, I have a secret, I hate running.

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The BagMan Cometh

Luke has had his colostomy for four months after an eight year battle with Crohn’s. Luke is a tribute to believing in one’s self and not allowing the stigma of an ostomy to prevent him from living out loud.

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The Power of a Ribbon: IBD & Ostomy Awareness Ribbon

IBD & Ostomy Awareness Ribbons       The “IBD & Ostomy Awareness Ribbon” isn’t just another pretty ribbon adding bling to blazers for the 1.4 million Americans living with Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis, known as Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), and the estimated three-quarters of a million Americans living with an ostomy due to […]

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A Sixth Month Letter To My Stoma

Dear Stoma, It’s been six months since we’ve been together, can you believe it? Oh how the time flies. I wanted to take a moment just to let you know what you mean to me, reflect on the past, and celebrate what lies ahead.

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My First Ostomy Support Group

Today marked my first ostomy support group with the Ostomy Support Group of Central Indiana. While I was a bit hesitant to go, I couldn’t wait to meet more people in my area and in my age group that I would have something in common with. Unfortunately, I was a bit mistaken, but had a wonderful time anyway.

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His Ostomy From My Point of View

I remember when Jason told me that he had Crohn’s. At the time I really had no idea what that meant so, later after he left, I looked it up. It all seemed very ambiguous to me and I was very confused because I never noticed him corn or popcorn avoiding nuts. He didn’t seem to have any food restrictions at all and it was honestly something I thought that I would never notice. It wasn’t until December of last year that I began to see its effects. Whenever Jason would get really stressed with work and deadlines, he would get odd fevers with no symptoms and just want to sleep. I know now that this was the infection in his colon and the work of Crohn’s that would eventually lead us to living in the hospital for over a month.

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