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Golden Nuggets with Charlie O’Stomy

How do we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day here at Awestomy? Well, creating an ostomy cartoon leprechaun, that’s how. Check out our “Golden Nuggets” from Charlie O’Stomy series. We’re sure you’ll love it!

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A Colostomy By Any Other Name

We use twitter to see what people are talking about in the ostomy community. When I search for colostomy it is a whole other ballgame.

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Announcing the Awestomy Brand Ambassador Program

Awestomy’s Brand Ambassador program allows our fans to help us spread Awestomy awareness. Fans will receive rewards for contacting ostomates & ostomy professionals to sign up on our email list.

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Fashionably Late To Advocate

Once I received my ostomy, I knew I wanted to advocate for this cause. What do you advocate for? How can you advocate if you don’t have money? This short blog post will help you find the way to help others on their way.

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What is a stoma?

There is some confusion about what is a stoma and how it relates to ostomies. The terms ostomy and stoma are general descriptive terms that are often confused and used interchangeably.

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Ostomy Slang Dictionary

You can probably tell that I’m an newbie to the ostomy game because I just found the Newostomy Slang Dictionary – the Wicked Funny Pedia of all things Ostomy. Move over Urban Dictionary! Anything that can make me shiggle is a winner in my book. As a personal addition, I would like to add “Tommy: ostomy […]

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The Power of a Ribbon: IBD & Ostomy Awareness Ribbon

IBD & Ostomy Awareness Ribbons       The “IBD & Ostomy Awareness Ribbon” isn’t just another pretty ribbon adding bling to blazers for the 1.4 million Americans living with Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis, known as Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), and the estimated three-quarters of a million Americans living with an ostomy due to […]

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Bathroom emergency! There’s an app for that!

Ostomates can’t always pick and choose the times that they need the bathroom. Luckily, the growth of mobile phone apps has made life easier for everyone.

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How To Create An Ostomy Support Network Online & Offline

One of the most important things that you can do for yourself is to try and get a community of people that are like you and going through the same thing. Many people can say “I know what you are going through”, but few REALLY understand what you are going through. Here are some links to help you connect, commiserate, and bookmark. We’re just one stoma hug away. 🙂

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Looking Good & Feeling Good With Ostomy Apparel

How we perceive ourselves and how we feel others perceive us can be a well of great anxiety or a source of great confidence. When we look good, we feel good. For ostomy patients, looking good can appear challenging. How do you make the latest styles and fashions look good when you have a medical pouch attached to you? How do you return to work and maintain a professional appearance?

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