His Ostomy From My Point of View

I remember when Jason told me that he had Crohn’s. At the time I really had no idea what that meant so, later after he left, I looked it up. It all seemed very ambiguous to me and I was very confused because I never noticed him corn or popcorn avoiding nuts. He didn’t seem to have any food restrictions at all and it was honestly something I thought that I would never notice. It wasn’t until December of last year that I began to see its effects. Whenever Jason would get really stressed with work and deadlines, he would get odd fevers with no symptoms and just want to sleep. I know now that this was the infection in his colon and the work of Crohn’s that would eventually lead us to living in the hospital for over a month.

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My Ostomy Story

Jason McIntosh, the owner of Awestomy!, isn’t just looking to make apparel sales. He too has a colostomy and can relate to the struggles with other ostomates. Find out his background story of how he came to have an ostomy in the spring of 2012, and his desire to aid others in being awesome with their ostomy.

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