Bathroom emergency! There’s an app for that!

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With the launch of the iPhone 5, we thought it was fitting to tell you about the top 5 Bathroom Finders.

Ostomates can’t always pick and choose the times that they need the bathroom. Luckily, the growth of mobile phone apps has made life a little easier for everyone, ostomates included. It’s become clichéd by now, but when you need to find a bathroom – there’s an app for that.  Here are our top five picks:



Sporting a global database of over 60,000 restrooms, Wheretowee is a handy app to have. Users can add their own entries to the database, upload photos and provide restroom reviews.  The app uses your current location and displays nearby restrooms on a map.

Available for iPhone and iPod Touch



Sit or SquatSitOrSquat

Similar to Wheretowee, SitOrSquat offers listings for about 65,000 restrooms worldwide in major cities such as New York, Boston and Seattle.  Aptly sponsored by Charmin, SitOrSquat is free to download.

Available for BlackBerry, iPhone and IPod Touch.


BathroomScoutBathroom Scout

On the Android side, Bathroom Scout has data on an astonishing 600,000 restrooms worldwide.  This includes both public restrooms and restaurant restrooms. The app shows nearby facilities on Google Maps.

Available on Android.



Whizzer bills itself as the “ultimate bathroom locator”. It has ample reason to boast as it features over 200,000 restrooms and an extensive search function that also allows you to search for amenities such as showers and baby changing stations. The ad-supported version is free while the full version is 99 cents.

Available for iPhone and iPod Touch. Coming soon to Android.


ToiletFinderToilet Finder

Designed by the BeTomorrow team, Toilet Finder specializes in public restrooms and lays claim to over 70,000 listings, many of which have photos.  The listings are curated based on user feedback, so anyone can report new or missing restrooms.  It is possibly the simplest and most user friendly of all the apps available.

Available for Android, iPhone, and Windows Phones. 

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