Awestomy Testimonials

“I sure have a few things to say about your awestomy supplies and I really wanted to let you know, just what this has done for me. I really hate my body with all of its ugly scars and my sickening stoma too but these products have made me be able to look at myself in the mirror and say…hey thats not so bad and this is a big step for me. I thank you with all my heart for these products. They have done more for me than anyone will ever know.” -Tina

“I wore my new black Awestomy boy shorts! Usually when trying on clothes my bag is flopping all over the place and I have that not flattering at all white elastic belt that clips onto my bag on. When I do try on clothes, I tend to give up half way through. But yesterday proved to be much different, I had my new chic black lace high-waist boy shorts on!” -Taunya

“I had an important job interview today, and I wore a dress and my lovely Awestomy boyshorts and they were great! They fit well and not for half a second did I worry about my ostomy showing – it was very empowering! :)” -Jennie

“I received my third order from Awestomy today and I can’t give you guys enough praise. The quality of each item I’ve ordered is better than I ever imagined them to be. Even the little details with the packaging is fabulous—it’s like opening a present. The shipping is almost immediate. It’s like as soon as I place an order it is waiting for me on my doorstep! Thanks for being so awesome, Awestomy!” – Megan