Announcing the Awestomy Brand Ambassador Program

Awestomy Brand Ambassador Sign-up

We’re always trying to come up with new ways improve upon our ostomy clothing products & brand here at Awestomy. We thought long and hard about what method would be the best method to get the word out about our products. Honestly that answer was easy,

Our Fans!!!

Awestomy Papa's Got A Brand New BagWe hope you know how much we love our fans who show their support by being active on Facebook and Twitter, but also in purchasing our ostomy apparel. So we are proud to announce our Awestomy Brand Ambassador Program.

What Is It?

The basic premise of the brand ambassador program is to spread Awestomy Awareness. However, we want you to use this as a way to meet other ostomates and create bonds to others that are going through similar circumstances. Being a brand ambassador will also give you Awestomy awards just by getting the word out to a few people.

What Do I Have To Do?

Actually very little. Initially all you have to do is fill out our Awestomy Brand Ambassador sign up form. Once that is complete we’ll send you a marketing packet filled with Awestomy promotional materials that you can pass out to those you feel would benefit to knowing about Awestomy. Some ideas would include other ostomates, wound and ostomy care nurses (WOCNs), support groups, doctor’s offices, and specialty pharmacies.

What Information Do They Need?

All your contacts have to do is go to our website ( and sign up on our email list specifying you as the person who was contacted about Awestomy and you receive reward points. Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.

What Are All These Rewards I’m Hearing?

Rewards for the Awestomy Brand Ambassador program are subject to change but points will be tallied based on the amount of contacts that you connect to. You can find more details on the Brand Ambassador Program Page.

That’s it, rock on, let’s make this big blue marble a little more Awestomy.

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