Announcing our March G.A.S. Partner, Intense Intestines Foundation

Today we announce our newest Give A Sh*t non-profit partner, Intense Intestines Foundation. I’m especially fond of this website because it was one of the first websites I got involved with after my colostomy surgery. Fifteen percent of your purchases this month will go to aid the mission and events of the Intense Intestines Foundation located in Stamford, Ct.

What is the Intense Intestines Foundation?

Intense Intestines goal is to help and connect those with Inflammatory Bowel Disease and ostomates through unique social media and events.  They combine the thrill of adventure activities with charitable efforts to advance awareness for Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis patients & ostomates.


During these activities, patients and their supporters will learn about themselves and have the opportunity to connect and share stories with others. They’ll help to form a community of individuals empowered to fight IBD conditions and live active, fulfilling lives.  Forming this community will lead to fundraising for their Intense Intestines Scholarship.

What else do they offer?

One reason why I got involved with the Intense Intestines is that they offer a social networking community for those with IBD and ostomies. They community encourages patients to post to their own blogs and connect to each other. The IIF also has many informative videos helping patients cope and thrive through the challenges of their situation.

Intense Intestines is also an organization that hopes to help and inspire patients. Their Never Stay Quiet campaign allows patients to submit videos to share their IBD and/or ostomy story.  They encourage patients never to be ashamed and to share their disease to help raise awareness.

Who created IIF?

Brian Greenberg is the founder of the Intense Intestines Foundation and was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease at the age of 11. At such a young age, it was a lot to deal with.  He went through all the normal symptoms and treatments and while trying to be a normal 11 year old, Brian began learning how to live with a serious chronic condition. Over the last ten years Brian has had 13 surgeries, two resections, and an ileostomy.brian-phillip-greenburg

Brian credits the outdoors to giving him strength in his fight against Crohn’s Disease and being able to battle the elements outside and adapt to any situation has taught him how to go with the flow and adjust to everything that Crohn’s throws at him.

If you’d like to donate directly to the Intense Intestion Foundation click here or connect with them on Facebook or Twitter!

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