An Ostomy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day has become an important part of our American culture. Although we here at Awestomy feel that love should be expressed all year long, we did want to take a little time on Valentine’s day to have a little fun. Let’s take you back to your grade school days when everyone had there little valentine envelopes hanging up in the classroom, and you bought those cardboard valentines to share with your friends and secret admirers.

Only this time, your sharing them with one of the main loves in your life, your ostomy.

I’m stuck on you Valentine, literally

ostomy valentine's day

Our partner in crime, our ostomy. We may not always tell you but you’re stuck with us, and we’re stuck with you. We know deep down that our health sometimes depends on you. So here’s a valentine to show our love.

My Love For You Will Never Wafer

ostomy valentines part 2, my love for you will never wafer

Much like the one above and whether you wear a one piece pouch or a two piece pouch, our wafer is the glue (heh heh) that keeps our relationship going. Without it, well, let’s just say our ostomies would have a hard time without you. Thank you wafer for all you do for us.

So happy you’re enema life!

ostomy valentines enema life

The vision of this image might conjure up some bad memories for those with ostomies. But what we’ve come to learn is that for most of our procedure preps (i.e. colonoscopies, etc.) that these help us get cleaned out and help our digestive system function normally. Some people even normally irrigate their stomas as an everyday task. Here’s a salute to you enema, you keep us going (hey-oh).

Be Mine, OS hole!

ostomy valentines os hole

It’s a scientific fact that the mouth or opening of the stoma is called the OS. Here’s to you OS hole, keep working it out.

Happy Valentine’s Day, You’re Totally Awestomy!

ostomy valentines you are totally awestomy

We hope you’ve enjoyed our little fun ostomy valentine adventure. We truly appreciate all our customers and want you to know that with each sale of our ostomy undergarments and ostomy wraps it makes us swell up with pride.

Be well and we wish you stoma love,

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